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Directly on internet

Contact Explore Corsica at + / +
(Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 12.00 and from 14.00 to 18.00)
or by email :

Yes, here are the options available::

  • Classic option : 1 to 4 people per cabin
  • Team option: Group from 8 people. Contact us!
  • Sharing option : Share a cabin and enjoy the best deal !

Yes, your supporter or partner is welcome to join us! A special rate is offered for your supporter. They can enjoy the ship when you are out, but also visit the host cities and excursions.

In order to participate in a timed sports event you must provide a medical certificate (or a copy of one). It is essential to present this document in order to obtain your race number. You will get the chance to upload your medical form when filling you registration form.

  • The certificate must contain the wording “no contra-indication to taking part in competitive cycling events” or “no contra-indication to taking part in competitive biking events”. No other wording will be accepted.
  • The certificate must be dated within one year of the event (i.e. no earlier than 6th June 2017).

In order to avoid any mistakes, you can ask your doctor to complete, stamp and sign the model below.

Your entry includes many services, identical for all participants.

  • Your explorer pack
  • All breakfasts and lunches on board
  • Dinners if you have subscribed to the full board option
  • Gala dinner on board
  • The official race directions car from the Tour de France
  • Race timing providing various classifications
  • Daily classifications (solo, couple, team, age, sex)
  • Tour de France distinctive jersey gifts
  • Mechanical assistance cars during the race
  • A cycle repair and maintenance workshop on the boat
  • An area for cleaning bikes at the arrival of every stage.
  • A presentation briefing on the next day’s stage at the end of every afternoon.
  • Signal marshals present along the route
  • 30 security motorbikes within the peloton.
  • Circulating road security within the peloton (including a Sweeper bus)
  • A professional medical assistance team along the route
  • Medical consultations available on board
  • Variety of refreshments on every stage (solids, liquids, energy products)
  • A massage / recuperation treatment service at the arrival of every stage (1 free session)
  • A daily award ceremony
  • A medal and /or a souvenir gift for every finisher
  • A downloadable personalised diploma
  • Professional photographers present on every stage (possibility to download your photos)

Your Explorer Pack, given to you when embarking, contains:

  • The key to your cabin
  • The official jersey « Explore Corsica by Le Tour de France »
  • A frame plate and 2 personalised numbered jerseys
  • An « Explore Corsica by Le Tour de France » bag
  • A detailed road-book of the race

You’ll get your pack on the ship, by providing your complete file (including inscription confirmation, a proof of identity and your medical attestation). The Explorer Pack will not be sent to you. Each participant will have to pick up his pack individually. All allocation is final and definitive.

Your meeting place is Thursday, June 7th from 6pm at Marseille harbor.

The necessary documents that you will have to show are:

  • Your convocation
  • Your cabin voucher
  • A proof of identity
  • Your medical attestation (received after having submitted your valid medical certificate)

You have the possiblity to board your car onto the boat if hieght does not exceed 1.95metres (otherwise we can park it for you in Marseille outside the boat). It will remain in the top garage of the boat. You will be able to go to your car but, for logistical reasons, you will not be able to move it during the entire cruise.

Car pass rate for 4 days – 95€


All bikes approved by the FFC. Electric bikes are admitted but will not be part of the general ranking.

A unique race format will be set as only few segments during the stage will be timed and will lead to a classification.

Signal marshals will be present along the road to give you priority passage priority but roads will not be closed off.

Unless for an injury, if a competitor wishes to abandon, he must, when possible, abandon at one of the organization repatriation points (provision areas). He must then indicate to the area manager that will remove his bib for the ongoing stage. Repatriation (cyclists and bikes) will be available at each of the provision areas. The abandon on a stage implies the demotion of the participant from the general standings. He will, however, be authorised to take part in the following stages and will be included in the classification of those finished stages.

A sweeper bus will also be present on every stage, after the last participant.

To ensure the safety of the participants, it is essential that they do not exceed race times. 2 measures will be organized:

Set measure: Repatriation points

Time limits on every repatriation point will be set and communicated to participants (through the event’s website, social media and at race briefings). The time limits will correspond to the times from on which it will not be possible to leave the indicated location. If the participant does not leave the repatriation point before the designated time, the participant will be disqualified and will not figure on the general rankings of the event. Means of repatriation (cyclists and bikes) will be available on every point.

Mobile measure: End of the race (sweeper car).

An approved rigid helmet is compulsory. You must wear it at all times during the route (chin strap attached). All participants who do not wear a helmet will be excluded.

For safety reasons and for the benefit of the race, each participant must attend the event with the below compulsory equipments:

  • Rigid helmet that you will wear during the entire stages;
  • An hydration system (2 bottles or an hydration bag);
  • Repair kit and bicycle mini pump;
  • Appropriate gear ratios for a mountainous route and for your cycling level

Yes, certain equipment is forbidden for safety reasons:

  • A bike equipped with any extension what so ever (tribars or ‘handlebar extensions’)
  • A recumbent bike (on your stomach or your back);
  • A non-approved by FFC bike

Provisions will be located on every stage. You will have 2 provisions during the race (water, fruit and energy products powder and bars)and a big one at the arrival.

You can have a look at the stage maps and route details.

You will also receive a participant guide a few days before the race. It will include details about your trip, stages and will answer all questions you may have.

Race briefings will take place the day before every stage so that you can anticipate and prepare your race in the most professional way possible.

Yes, the race is accessible to all: however, in total, the stages accumulated are on average 300km: therefore participants must be fit and well prepared.

Technical assistance will be available during the entire race by our partner MAVIC, it will also be provided on the boat when you get back.

  • Explore Corsica 2018 Cancellation Insurance


Policy holder : any person who has subscribed to the Cancellation Insurance in conjunction with his or her subscription to Explore Corsica 2018 (by ticking the corresponding box on the registration form).


Purpose of the insurance: to guarantee the policy holder the reimbursement of his registration fees for the stay when he has been obliged to cancel his participation due to one of the events described in the notice below.


Premium rate : 3.5% of the registration fee (in addition to the registration fee - only one payment for the whole package).


Conditions of compensation : under penalty of forfeiture, the policy holder or his successors in title shall give notice of the claim to the broker AON or to ASO within 5 days from the day on which they become aware of it.

The terms and conditions for reporting and compensation are described in the notice below.

The files must be in French, English or Spanish.


The files will be reviewed within two months and compensation paid within three months. Foreigners and persons wishing to be reimbursed by bank transfer must attach an IBAN.


We recommend that you read the insurer's information leaflet to find out about all the terms and conditions of the insurance, including exclusions.


Information leaflet of the contract guarantees




  • Explore Corsica Explore 2018 MultiRisks Insurance


Policy holder: any person who has subscribed to the Multirisks insurance together with his or her registration to Explore Corsica 2018 (by ticking the corresponding box on the registration form)


Objects of the insurance: in particular, to guarantee the policy holder:

  • Reimbursement of the registration fees for the stay if he/she has been obliged to cancel his/her participation due to one of the events indicated in the notice;
  • assistance in the event of illness or accident during your stay (details of benefits and exclusions in the package leaflet);
  • payment of compensation in the event of death or permanent disability resulting from an accident occurring during the stay (Individual Accidents coverage);
  • payment of treatment costs (limited, in addition to Social Security and mutual insurance) in the event of an accident;
  • the pecuniary consequences of the civil liability which may occur because of damage caused to third parties.


The terms and conditions for reporting and indemnification are described in the notice below.


We recommend that you read the insurer's information leaflet to find out about all the terms and conditions of the insurance, including exclusions.


Information leaflet of the contract guarantees



  • Explore Corsica 2018 Individual Accident


Policy holder: any person who has subscribed to Individual Accidents insurance for their participation to Explore Corsica 2018 (by ticking the corresponding box on the registration form or by contacting Aon)


Subscription is optional but highly recommended.


As you may know, the vast majority of your usual insurances (notably automatic guarantees via bank cards, home insurance, bank loans, etc.) automatically excludes any participation, whether amateur or professional, in a sporting competition and therefore, consequently, the risks linked to your participation in Explore Corsica.


Therefore, it is important that you check the coverage (and exclusions) of your daily insurance and, in the event of a lack of coverage or in addition to it, or in the absence of coverage, you should read the insurance offered by clicking on the link below.


This insurance intends to cover insured participants who are the victim of a personal injury while participating to Explore Corsica, whether or not they are responsible for it, whether or not there is a third party identified and/or liable. The guarantees are acquired during the whole stay.


In the event of death or permanent disability (due to this accident), it guarantees the payment of benefits and the compensation of medical expenses (within the limits of the option you have chosen).


The purchase of individual accident insurance is obviously optional but highly recommended. This insurance will supplement or will be your insurance by defaut. It can be made with the insurer of your choice, your federation or Aon, broker of the organizer, whose offer (see detailed notice and registraion form) can be consulted and downloaded below. You can enroll in the minimum coverage option of this offer by purchasing Multirisks (or Individual Accident alone) insurance when you register for the event and/or other options by contacting AON directly.


  • 6-7:30 am > Breakfast
  • 8 am > Stage starts
  • 12pm > First cyclists arrive
  • 12- 15 pm > Lunch at the arrival of the stage
  • After the race > Conference and meetings with our cycling experts/Visits
  • After the race > Official ceremony and next stage briefing on board.
  • 7pm > As you wish – you can eat in town or on board

Yes, every afternoon after your stage you have the possibility of leaving the boat and discover the magnificent cities. If you wish, you will also be able to dine in the town.

Your floating 146m accommodation includes:

  • 470 cabins
  • 9 bridges
  • 1 bike park
  • 3 restaurants
  • Several bars
  • 1 medical area
  • 1 auditorium
  • 1 cinema
  • 1 bike shop and bike park
  • 1 massage area
  • 1 technical area